Sunday, March 2, 2014



Time has flown by so quickly, to me it feels like I have just arrived. The Chilean summer is coming to an end and Santiago is slowly returning to work. I am not kidding when I say that literally half the city shuts down over the summer. Vacations are top priority in their culture, even the street performers go on vacations.

This past week, my host family invited me to Cachagua to stay with them for the weekend at their beach house. Cachagua is a small beach town on the coast, it is about an hour north of Viña del Mar. It can best be described as a place where it is not uncommon for people to fly in on their helicopters, play a polo match, and fly back. We were 100m from the beach, the following was a typical morning sight.

To the north there was also and island called "Los Pingüinos", yeah there were penguins, altough a bit hard to see, they still put on a show.

We then got hungry and decided to eat some food. If you know the kind of food that I normally eat, you would be in shock at the food I tried here. Look at all of these shellfish, mixed in with everything.

Round 2 was a classic Chilean barbecue, I ate so much meat.

We then headed north to a little town called Zapallar, from there we took a long walk on the beach and climbed up to a point where we could see the coast. Again, it was pristine.

All in all it was a great weekend, I am so thankful to my host family for sharing their vacation with me. I leave for Torres del Paine in a week. I am doing the W trek through the park. I'll be sure to write a post dedicated to how I survived my Patagonian adventure.

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