Friday, January 3, 2014

Hasta luego a los estados unidos

Hello everyone! This is where I will be posting about my study abroad in Santiago, Chile.

The first task of my trip was actually getting there. Getting through Detroit security was easy. I then made my way to my gate and sat for 45 minutes waiting to board because we were missing flight attendants. Seriously Delta? How do you mess that one up?

Nevertheless, we boarded and it was a quick flight down to Atlanta. When we arrived, I had 15 minutes to make the connection down to Santiago. With not a minute to spare I had crossed the airport and made it to terminal E when I hear over the intercom, "This is a final call for Daniel Byrne, the flight will leave in one minute." At that moment, I ran as fast as I could to get down to my gate, just barely making the cutoff. I then boarded and sat for 9 hours as we traveled south.

Upon arrival, I met up with some other USAC students and went to get our bags. The only problem was that my luggage turned out to still be in Atlanta. Thanks Delta. So we sat around for a bit and finally made our way to the hotel with the group, where I stepped out on balcony to a beautiful view.

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  1. Hola Daniel, soy yo, Lita, amiga de tu abuela. Como vas con tu castellano? por lo visto, estas cada día mejor. Nosotros estuvimos en Patagonia, te va encantar! es impresionante. Espero que puedas entender lo que te estoy escribiendo, conociendo lo inteligente que eres vas a regresar hablando muy bien el idioma. Te mando un fuerte abrazo y saluda a tu nueva familia. Lita Krutz (soy amiga de tu abuela, nos conocimos en el viaje a Italia) y tú me ayudaste con mi computadora.