Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mi familia


I am all moved in to the house and living with my host family. They are wonderful people who are really helping me develop my Spanish skills. Julia is my host mother, Eduardo is the father, and they have a daughter, Jes, who coincidently shares the same birthday as me but is one year younger.

Yesterday we took care of getting a phone, my metro pass, and some food. We went to a store call "Jumbo" which is like our Walmart. One thing that I noticed at the Jumbo was that all the cashiers were sitting in chairs, unlike in the United States.

We then went to the metro station to load up my Bip! card, so I could use the metro. Then, to a "Cruze Verde" to add credits to my phone. Cruz Verde was similar to our CVS. Another thing about the stores was that when going to the counter, you had to take a ticket number, even if you were the only one in line or they wouldn't serve you.

Next was dinner, which consisted of delicious pork chops, mashed potatoes (plain), and some salad (also plain) so I was a happy camper. We then talked for a while about the history of Chile.

 Here is a picture of them! 

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